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How to use VoiceMask Discord bot

Say you are in a Discord voice channel and really want to be able to speak in it. But here is the problem: your mic is broken. Or maybe you don’t want to use your real voice.

Well that is why we made VoiceMask, a bot that solves just that. Lets take a look on how to use it!

The Main Commands

Usage is really easy! First, we must select a voice to use. This is one specialty of VoiceMask: it has over 10 different voices/accents/dialects!

To select a voice, type vc voice.

You will be greeted with a prompt to select a voice! And don’t worry, if you don’t like the voice you selected, you can always change your voice by rerunning vc voice. Feel free to experiment with all the voices, and have fun with them!

Now that we have selected our voice, lets say something in a voice channel!

To do this, type: vc speak {message}. This will say the message you have specified in the voice channel!

Here is vc voice and the vc speak command in action!

Commands for Moderators Only

If you are a server moderator, there are a few commands you can use to enforce rules and make sure people use the bot properly.

One command allows you to turn off bad words from being spoken with the bot. This is really useful if you don’t want, for example, f-bombs to be spammed in a voice channel.

To enable bad word moderation, run vc badwords. This will give you a prompt to turning on/off bad word moderation.

Another moderator command is vc setcharlimit, which limits the number of characters you can say when using the bot.

This command is great for when you need to deter spam and don’t want people to spam the bot in a voice channel.

Also if people keep spamming punctuation with the bot, you can easily prevent that from happening using vc punctuation.

Other moderator only commands include:

  • vc stop: Which stops VoiceMask from continuing to speak in a voice channel
  • vc disconnect: Which disconnects the bot from the voice channel it currently is in

Other Commands

Here are a few more fun commands that the bot has!

vc profile {OPTIONAL: user}

View a user’s profile or your own, which displays what their voice is set to, and how many times they have spoken in a voice channel with the bot!

vc download {message}

Instead of playing your message in a voice channel, it sends an MP3 file of the message!

vc watch and vc forget:

When you run vc watch, VoiceMask will automatically repeat everything you say in the voice channel for you without you having to manually type vc speak message every time. Use vc forget if you want the bot to stop repeating your messages.

Support and Invite

Support Server:

Invite the Bot:

11 replies on “How to use VoiceMask Discord bot”

I love this because I can still talk to my friends ! And I’m still insecure about my voice. But this still help!! 🙂

Honestly this is probably the most underrated bot on all of discord. Probably the most used bot in my server. I’m surprised this isn’t in like 10000 servers. Keep up the great work Armster!!!

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